Fractional business management services for small and growing companies and non-profits.

Engagements with CSF start with a one-on-one consultation with one or more members of our team. We discuss your business or non-profit, your short- and long-term goals, and what’s working well and not. Then we talk about how CSF would be able to help:

  • by implementing and automating processes,
  • by providing additional and flexible staff to delegate to as needed, or
  • by providing other custom services.

Every engagement with CSF is completely unique. Sometimes we work on a single project. Mostly, we’re engaged on an on-going basis to:

  • improve and oversee business processes,
  • provide a business owner the support needed to grow, or
  • help move to a goal to completion.

We’re not assistants or coaches. We aim to become an embedded part of your team that brings top-notch problem-solving skills, quality implementation, and new technology to the table. It’s more like hiring a part-time executive, manager, or MBA to be a member of your team and to see real results.

Our diverse experience comes together in an ability to suggest a variety of solutions to fit the specific needs of the business, implement those solutions effectively, and manage the people and processes that are in place. We’ve helped streamline businesses so that the owners can focus on the parts they enjoy, knowing that the IT, HR, accounting, marketing, and general operations are being watched. We have the skills and connections to respond to real-life business emergencies and quickly find solutions. We’ve implemented AI processes, complex databases and automations, hired staff (both skilled and overseas), run functional business processes, handled a variety of business and personnel emergencies, and much, much more.

Our clients know how to do their job, we help wrap a successful business around them.